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Anxiety, Stress and panic Attacks

Counselling and Hypnosis

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Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you get overwhelming feelings of impending doom?  Do you find that your heart rate increases, you feel unwell, sick?  Do you feel like crying for no reason? Sweating and breathing harder than normal? 

​Maybe you have tried other form of treatment, medication from your doctor, self-medication, other therapy such as CBT. Maybe some of this worked for some of the time and maybe it did not work well for you.

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, feeling stressed and free-floating anxiety by teaching you to manage your negative thinking and troublesome symptoms.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation and in this state, you can learn to recognise the symptoms and also learn new ways to manage your symptoms.

We offer a bespoke therapy using hypnotherapy, Nuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness and eclectic counselling that gives you time to talk about what is happening to you, your feelings, thoughts and how you cope.  A hypnotherapy script is designed for you to assist you to develop better coping skills, create new ways of coping.

This combination will help you to manage your anxiety, it may even begin to go away.  You will be able to live a happier and more controlled life free from unwanted anxiety.

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