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Counselling and Hypnosis

Does Hypnosis work for depression, feeling low in mood, feelings of anger and negativity?  Hypnosis for mild to moderate depression, feeling low in mood,  anger and negativity is a safe, natural and effective way to reduce these feelings along side other medical treatment.  Hypnotherapy can be safely undertaken while taking traditional medication. At no time should you stop your antidepressants with out consulting your doctor.

We offer a combination of therapy that will assist the client to deal with their feelings and develop new ways of manager these.  We develop along with the client a program of therapy using hypnotherapy, NLP and eclectic counselling .

Yapko, 1992 said that there are six areas that hypnosis with combined therapy can assist a client 

1. It can amplify subjective experience

2. It can serve as a powerful method for interrupting symptomatic patterns

3. It facilitates experiential learning

4. It helps to bridge and contextualize responses

5. it can provide a different and more flexible models of inner reality

6. It helps to establish focus of attention 

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