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Anxiety - has it caught you

We all experience worry and concern from time to time. It is normal and in some cases really useful, it prepares us and we are more alert and ready for what we need to do, such as the first day at school or a new job, before exams, interviews or performances. This is anxiety.

However, for some it can become ongoing, intrusive and at times intense and overwhelming. If you suffer from ongoing anxiety you may no longer know why you feel anxious. You may experience it as waves washing over you, or it may be constantly in the back ground. Common experiences are:

  • restlessness and tense, unable to settle

  • feels of doom, impending danger, panic

  • your breathing may increase, or it is difficult to breath

  • feeling weak and tired

  • increased heart rate

  • trembling

  • poor concentration, difficulty in thinking or problem solving

  • you may have gastrointestinal issues

  • and you may find you avoid things that worry you or cause anxiety

These experiences can be debilitating and for some people it can prevent them living a full and happy life. There are recognised anxiety disorders that range from panic disorders, social anxiety, performance anxiety, generalised anxiety and phobias to name a few. However, these are only ways to categorise what may trigger an anxiety episode. The way anxiety is experience may have general aspects, however the experience is very personal.

There are many treatments for anxiety, however research has shown that hypnotherapy can help to relieve anxiety disorders by bringing to the attention specific symptoms and overcoming limiting and difficult ways of coping.

If you are interested in trying hypnosis with bespoke therapy to deal with you fear, anxiety or panic then call me.

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