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  • Suzette Farrelly

Do you want to try Hypnosis and Therapy

SF Therapy offers counselling, hypnotherapy and coaching to people in Coventry and the surrounding areas. Appointments are varied to suit your needs. Therapy supports other treatments that you may be undergoing. Therapy for anxiety, depression, confidence, quit smoking, weight management, phobias and personal growth are offered. However please contact me if there is something you wish to deal with that is not here. There are many myths about hypnosis: 1. Can you control me - absolutely not, the therapist cannot control your behaviour. 2. If I am hypnotised I may not be able to come out of it - hypnosis is very safe and you are always in control and can come out of it when you want. It is a state of deep relaxation. 3. Hypnosis is a miracle cure - although hypnosis is relatively quick in making improvements, it is not a one stop shop and each person will react in different ways and time scales. 4. When hypnotised I will lose a sense of my surroundings and have no memory of the session - people react differently to hypnosis, some remember all the session and others only part of it, the experience can be like a dream state. Please contact me for further information in relation to sessions, treatments and cost.

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