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Near the end - COVID-19 Anxiety

As we come to the end of the lockdown and start to move back into normal living it is tempting to watch everything related to COVID-19. Watching minute by minute of the news, social media and bulletins on the TV, your phone or computer. Checking in on the number of people who are infected and those that are really ill, how many have been vaccinated or died. Stories of loss not only those who have lost their lives, but financial difficulties, loss of homes and jobs, difficulties in relationships.

For many of us this increase our own anxiety, stress and loss of control. So how can you manage this, how can you start to take control of your own life. None of us can manage the enormity of this situation alone. So, some tips:

  1. Turn your notifications off: Set times in the day when you are not notified by your social media. You can catch up at set times that suit you. Give yourself a break.

  2. False information: Mute those people on Facebook and other social media sites that are spreading false information. Check the facts before you begin to get anxious or stresses.

  3. Trusted Information: Get your information from trusted sites, it is always tempting to go to the easy source --- the UK Government and the NHS have sites set up with the latest statistics and information. (see links below)

  4. Talk to someone: If you are anxious, frightened or worried about COVID-19 - talk to someone. Think about who you might speak to, perhaps speaking to someone else who is struggling might not be best. Talk openly and honestly about how you are feeling and your concerns. It is easy to get overwhelmed in our own pattern of negative thoughts, so talking these though can help break those cycles.

  5. Do other things: Find interesting things to do - things you enjoy, this could be anything. Find time each day or as often as possible to do these things. You will be surprised - how this can reduce your anxiety and make you feel happy.

  6. Eat and Sleep Well: Life always feels better if you eat a good well-balanced diet and get enough sleep. Negative thinking, anxiety and stress can interfere with eating and sleeping. Set yourself time to eat and use relaxation to help you sleep. Create routines of winding down the day.

  7. Hypnosis and deep relaxation: Hypnosis and deep relaxation can help you to deal more effectively with the anxiety and fear associated with negative thinking around COVID-19 and the pandemic. Using relaxation tapes and seeking help and advice if you need to. If you need to know more about this, then get in touch with me -

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