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I would highly recommend SF Hypnotherapy. Suzette 

allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the environment you’re in. She is calm, kind and very informative. My experience with her has been insightful, wonderful and I feel I’m set for the ongoing journey of self development and self awareness. If you’re thinking about doing this work, I’d absolutely recommend her. Thanks Suzette!


I asked Suzette to help me lose weight using Hypnotherapy, and on my 1st visit I was full of trepidation. Suzette answered all questions asked with professionalism, and completely put me at ease. During my sessions I felt totally and wonderfully relaxed and comfortable, and " woke" feeling energised and positive. It is 6 weeks since my 1st session, and I am 1 and a half stone lighter, I have not once felt like cheating on my diet - which for me is unknown - and am completely focused on achieving my body target. I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Suzette to anyone. 


Suzette is an amazing therapist who is always consistent, kind and very professional. I was extremely  impressed with how easy I found it to open up and feel relaxed during her sessions. I am so glad that I took the steps towards a more peaceful life with Suzette and her hypnosis sessions have worked wonders for me. Her sessions are personalised and she really knows her work and what works for you as an individual- there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach which I have experienced in the past with other therapists. I thoroughly look forward to our sessions every week and I know that she is having the biggest positive effect on how to manage myself- there is never any tension and Suzette helps me to relax and look at the world from a different perspective.


Suzette has helped me to take control of my anxiety which I have struggled with all of my life. I now have a tool box to manage this and I am lighter and more equipped to take on whatever life throws at me. Suzette was just the right person for me to work with on this, she is discreet, professional, flexible and non judgmental and very experienced. Her nursing back ground was also very appealing to me. A mixture of hypnosis and talking has changed my life and I can’t recommend enough!


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